Color-Oxidized Titanium Metal

In my never ending quest for color, I decided to try to coax some out of various metals available for jewelry work. Of the ones I have researched, copper, silver, steel, niobium, brass, titanium, only titanium satisfied that quest allowing me to produce the colors I love in either brilliant or muted displays depending upon how the metal’s surface is treated. Titanium however has its idiosyncrasies. Among several, it cannot be soldered, leaving the choices for handling joints to adhesives, welding or cold connections. My titanium pieces have been cold formed using various processes and oxidized resulting in stable, hypoallergenic (the titanium components) products.

I dislike using adhesives and welding seems “too high tech” and would not work for my designs, but cold connections work well for my creations so this method is my choice. Occasionally I have added opals, pearls, crystals or beads and perhaps more to come, to my finished pieces. I am open to design and color ideas for custom work so contact me if interested.