Handmade Dichroic Glass

When I first discovered the beauty of fused glass, I was not aware of the diverse ways in which it may be utilized in multiple art forms. Having  made endless cabochons delighting in the combinations possible with the glasses, I learned through these repetitive exercises much about glass and its behavior when kiln heated. I was inspired to move on and use the glass-art glass and dichroic glass, as but some of many media available for completing my kiln formed art. Fine and base metal inclusions, phosphorescent material, cubic zirconia,iridescent powders, dichroic powders, plant material, clay and more, all may be combined in interesting ways with the main medium, glass. My work has expanded from simple cabochons to back splash tiles, wall hangings, sun catchers and endless jewelry forms from pendants and earrings to bracelets and neck collars of glass and brass or aluminum. My themes have also expanded but I admit that flowers, scarab beetles and fish are among my favorites. I am open for theme and design ideas so contact me for custom work.